Season 7 USA vs The World (2015)

Joe was picked as an alternate during the 3rd annual USA vs The World competition. The reason was that the producers said he was the "only remaining person left from the previous year's Team USA", so they would go with a whole new team to freshen it up. Joe was not exactly happy, but was ready to cheer on his team regardless. Little did he know Geoff Britten would end up getting sick and Joe would need to sub in for Geoff on Stage 2.

(Check out his "surprise" substitution run here)

​When Joe got to Stage 3, he was taken out by the Crazy Cliffhanger again, just like in the regular season.

(Check out his run here)

​​​​Season 10 (2018)

Joe was back for his 6th season... in a new city (after getting rained out in Philly) - Minneapolis! Qualifiers went well and so did the City Finals! Check out both runs below!

(See his Minneapolis City Qualifiers Run Here)

(See his Minneapolis City Finals Run Here)

The biggest SHOCK of his career happened in Vegas 2018. After seeing Travis Rosen break his leg on the Double Dipper, Joe decided to change his successful technique (from previous seasons) to something else. BAD CALL JOE. Watch the heartbreaking video below :(

(See his Vegas Finals Stage 1 Run Here)

After Joe's shocking fall in Vegas, he was determined to come back stronger than ever, not only for Season 11, but for the Skills Competition. See his Skill the "Striding Steps" below! TO VICTORY!

(See the Striding Steps FINAL RACE Here)

Season 5 (2013)

Joe competed as a rookie on American Ninja Warrior in 2013. He shocked everyone with the tremendous results he posted! In Regional Qualifiers, which took place in Baltimore, Maryland, he placed 6th overall. This was the fastest time by any of the outstanding crop of Baltimore rookies.
When Regional Finals came around, he was feeling much more confident and was able to take 2nd place, BARELY missing 1st by a mere .37 seconds! Also the fastest rookie once again!
(Watch his Baltimore Finals run)

In Stage 1 of Las Vegas Finals, Joe competed with the BEST athletes in the sport on the biggest stage to date. He was able to harness his focus despite being intimidated by the people he called his role models. Not only were the competitors intimidating... but so was the course, especially the Jumping Spider!!
(Watch his Vegas Stage 1 Finals run) 
When Stage 2 of the Las Vegas Finals rolled around, Joe Moravsky was up for the challenge. He was only 1 of a handful of athletes that made it all the way to Stage 3... the stage at which no American has EVER beaten at the time.
(Watch his Vegas Stage 2 Finals run)
In Stage 3 of the National Finals Joe was able to go 2nd furthest out of EVERYONE that competed on American Ninja Warrior that season... AND as a ROOKIE! In the history of American Ninja Warrior, no rookie has EVER made it as far as Joe did during their rookie season!  Even though history had been made, he unfortunately slipped off the last of the floating boards and fell into the water.
(Watch his Vegas Stage 3 Finals run)

Season 6 (2014)

In Regional Qualifiers, which took place in St. Louis, MO this year... Joe took 1st place in blowout fashion!
In Regional Finals, Joe made it to the Rumbling Dice and literally BROKE the obstacle! Luckily, he was quick on his feet and saved himself. Joe took 1st place YET AGAIN by nearly 40 seconds! 
(Watch his St. Louis Finals run)

In Stage 1 of Las Vegas Finals, Joe was considered a favorite. Coming into this new season, Joe felt more pressure because people knew who "The Weatherman" was. Despite all this new pressure on his shoulders, he was able to pull off an impressive Stage 1 run that put him through to Stage 2.

(Watch his Stage 1 run)
Stage 2 of Mt. Midoriyama was truly crazy this season. With 18 competitors trying to figure out this grueling stage, only 2 people finished... and JOE WAS ONE OF THOSE TWO PEOPLE! He finished with just over 1 second left on the clock. This run was one of the most intense runs from ALL of season 6. 
(Watch the nail biter right here)
Stage 3 of Mt. Midoriyama is and will always be the holy grail, the unbeatable stage. Joe's nemesis, the floating boards, took him out of the competition last season of American Ninja Warrior. His short term goal, beat the dreaded floating boards... long term goal? BEAT STAGE 3. Unfortunately, the hang climb (an obstacle where previously ONLY TWO American's, Brent Steffensen and Brian Arnold, have made it to in competition) took him out.
(Watch his Stage 3 run)

​​​​Season 9 (2017)

Joe was back for his 5th season... this time in Cleveland for the regionals. He placed 2nd place in Regional Qualifiers and 1st place (first time since St. Louis in Season 6) in the Regional Finals earning a 4th badge from completing the entire course.

(See his Cleveland Finals Run Here)

In Vegas, Joe was feeling stronger than ever... and it showed. Stage 1 he cleared NO PROBLEM.

(See his Stage 1 Run Here)

On Stage 2, Joe was mostly concerned with the obstacle that took him out last year... the Wave Runner. There were also a number of new obstacles!! You're NOT going to want to miss this run... view it below. Joe's going BACK TO STAGE 3!

(See his Stage 2 Run Here)

On Stage 3, Joe was more ready than ever. He beat obstacles old AND new, and put himself in the history books as one of the greatest ninjas of all time. He came up just an obstacle and a half short of his first trip to Stage 4. Stage 3 got 25% harder and Joe got 20% stronger... back to the drawing board!

(See his EPIC Stage 3 Run Here)

Some Articles About Joe!

​​​​Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 (2017)

Joe was selected as a team captain for a second year in a row but decided on a NEW team this year. His picks were Allyssa Beird and Josh Levin, both of which were two rookies from Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior. Joe described the team as a chain link, with himself being the link that binds them together. The "Storm Team" won their first episode and earned a spot into the finals!


Storm Team beat out EVERY other team in the finals and became the Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 Champs!

​​​​Season 8 Skills Challenge (2016)

Joe was selected to compete in the Warped Wall Challenge for a second year in a row and for a chance at redemption! He finished the wall at a height of 18 feet 6 inches (4 feet HIGHER than the show) but couldn't finish the 19 foot wall like 6' 5" Jon Alexis Jr did. This earned him second place once again!

​​Season 7 All Star and Skills Challenge (2015)

Moravsky was selected to be on the first ever All Star Team AND Skill Challenge episode. Joe was able to run Stage 1, 2, and 3 and and turned in the fastest run on Stage 2 in the history of American Ninja Warrior. And on Stage 3, he was able to finally beat the Crazy Cliffhanger AND go further than he'd ever been before.

(Check out his Stage 3 run here)

Joe was selected to run the Warped Wall Challenge and was able to get second place behind Flip Rodriguez achieved a height of 18 feet 9 inches high! The second highest any human has ever gone on a warped wall at this time.

​​​​Season 11 (2019)

Joe was back for his 7th season on American Ninja Warrior... AND back in Philly!!! How does he do in his Season 11 debut?? Check the video below!

(See his Philadelphia City Qualifiers Run Here)

Season 6 USA vs The World (2014)

Joe was selected as a member of Team USA during his second season of American Ninja Warrior. Joe chose to run Stage 1 and Stage 3 and posted the fastest time any American has EVER run Stage 1.

(Watch his Stage 1 run)

During Stage 3, Joe made it just as far as he did in the regular season (to the Hang Climb), but came up short yet again. Team USA ultimately ended up losing the competition to Team Europe on the final rope climb.

Team Ninja Warrior Season 1 (2016)

Joe was named Team Captain for the first annual Team Ninja Warrior competition as seen on The Esquire Network. His team name was "Storm Team Moravsky" and his teammates included his cousin Rob "The Adonis" Moravsky and female star Mary Beth Wang. The team had some pretty epic runs... but the most memorable was Joe vs Nicholas Coolridge.

(Check out the epic run here)

Another close race was in the Relay Showdown between Joe's Storm Team Moravsky and Team TNT, led by long time Veteran of Ninja Warrior Travis Rosen. 

(Check out his run here)

Although Joe's team ultimately ended up losing... Joe had the FASTEST TIME recorded during Season 1 of Team Ninja Warrior in the heat against Nicholas Coolridge. This further solidifies Joe as one of the FASTEST ninjas in the sport today.

​​​Season 7 (2015)

In Regional Qualifiers (which took place in Pittsburgh, PA) Joe decided to go at a fast but comfortable place, which landed him in 2nd place!

(Watch his run here)

In Regional Finals, Joe took his time to make sure he would finish the course and receive another finisher's patch... this landed him in 2nd place once again!

(Watch his Pittsburgh Finals run here)
In Stage 1 of the Vegas Finals, Joe had a great save on the Jumping Spider and then effortlessly made it through... earning another trip to Stage 2! 
Watch his run here!
In Stage 2 of the Vegas Finals, Joe managed to destroy some of the hardest obstacles, including Roulette Road. That means he's BACK to Stage 3!

(Watch his run here!)
Now it's back to Stage 3... the course that has taken him out every year on American Ninja Warrior. Joe has incredible and unparalleled consistency getting thus far, but equally consistent at falling here as well. With changes to the course this year, he's more focused than ever. Unfortunately the Ultimate Cliffhanger transfer took him out as he attempted a 180° turn to catch the ledge behind him. This is the way Joe practiced and he wasn't about to change it here on Stage 3.
(Watch his Stage 3 run here)

​​​​Season 8 (2016)

Moravsky's 4th season of American Ninja Warrior looked promising. Joe had never fallen on ANY course other than the Las Vegas Finals Stage 3 course... and he wasn't about to make any exceptions for this year. The Regional Qualifiers and Finals were held in Philadelphia, PA and Joe was ready to storm the course and, because of that, took 2nd place in the Regional Qualifiers!

(Check out his run here)

In the Regional Finals, Joe's streak has COME TO AN END! Moravsky made it to the final obstacle but gassed out on the Invisible Ladder climb to the top of the tower. The only comforting news is that the course was so difficult that NOT ONE NINJA (The first American Ninja Warrior, Geoff Britten included) even finished the course.

(See the historic run here)

In the Las Vegas Finals, Joe BARELY beat Stage 1 with just over 4 seconds left... the slowest he has ever finished the first stage in Vegas. Joe had a baby named Emily during the off season and he definitely felt that lack of sleep while running EVERY stage in 2016. 

(See his Stage 1 Vegas run here)

Stage 2 in Vegas has taken out MANY competitors through the years, but NEVER Joe Moravsky. BUT THIS TIME, Stage 2 was victorious. Joe was on pace to beat the course in time but miscalculated the new unstable bridge obstacle (now called the Wave Runner) and exited "early". His finish still landed him among the top 10 in the country... something he has done EVERY single year since he began back in 2013.